thankful for my bomber hat, my leg warmers, my bigass scarf, my new coat that keeps me warm down to -50 f

thankful for the trader joe's care packages from my mum

thankful for shopping carts and big grocery aisles

thankful for live-streamed concerts that keep my inner philip glass satisfied

thankful for recipes on the internet that allow me to indulge in crack pie and magnolia

thankful for my cute little town and its cute little streets

thankful for transportation that brings me to cities for long and wondrous days of eating and walking and eating and walking

thankful for the lefse and the venison and all of the new culinary delights that i've met here

thankful for cozy nights in with eggboy and ruby tuesday nights out with the eggfamily 

thankful for my new friends here and my old friends there who make me feel at home wherever i go

happy thanksgivukkah!!