hi! i'm molly. i like to bake, write, play music, and take photos. i recently moved from brooklyn to a farm outside of grand forks, north dakota, where my husband is a fifth-generation farmer. the farm life is pretty swell: i get to make big tasty farm lunches, dream up names for my future chickens, and pickle everything without getting labeled a hipster. (although i'm sorta hipster anyway...)

i graduated from juilliard with a degree in percussion but during my time in new york, i fell wildly in love with food. i am currently pursuing both food and music and it is so much fun!

i've documented my life in journals since the day i could write, and since 2009, this blog has been an extension of that. most of my posts include recipes inspired by my jewish and asian roots, bits about life around the farm, or tales from adventures near and far

thanks for stopping by!!!!!

other places you may find me

at the town bakery

blogging for betty crocker

in the small batch column on food52

organizing my sprinkle collection

compiling my jewish and israeli food column, molly on the range, at the jewish daily forward

writing music reviews for WQXR

playing and teaching music in a variety of situations

freelancing for publications like food and wine, condé nast travelerkinfolkmodern farmerwolftree, and the juilliard journal

recent interviews + press

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here are some lists:

most favorite foods







sweet potato tempura rolls

brussels sprouts




black sesame things

macaroni and cheese

chicago pizza


pistachio ice cream


pigs in blankets



least favorite foods





things i enjoy always

looking at these sheepdogs 

spending time with eggboy and my friends and my fammie

googling lesser-known grammatical devices

decorating cakes


traveling to hong kong

traveling to places besides hong kong

finding the best bakeries

playing music in contemporary operas and rock bands

playing the triangle and slap stick and mahler box



wearing fluffy socks (sometimes with birkenstocks)



things i enjoy sometimes



tap dancing

social medias

talking about percussion

thinking about politics


things i enjoy pretty much never

small talk

people who are sad mean judgmental clown-types

shoe shopping

doing the dishes 

putting on makeup

brushing my hair