all sealed up in my most favorite jar of memories are my tanglewood summers. summers that i spent admiring everyone around me, performing concerts that brought me to tears, running round barefoot in the berkshires, and spending all of my money eating at every single restaurant in little lenox. everything was new, caution wasn't totally in my vocabulary yet. time and again, wherever i go, i find myself trying to recreate the excitement and magic of those summers. 

slowly i'm learning that i'm not going to. not in that way. and that's exactly why those memories are so special.

{when i need it, i put on the adagietto and let the breath become sucked out of me as i watch teenage versions of craig, nathan, chris, and me dance in slow motion through the field by ozawa hall. that's about as close as i get.}


my past few days were spent in the berkshires, grabbing little bits out of my jar, and being so pathetically and wonderfully nostalgic. 

i ate a loebwich, my 2007 usual, the "leslie b no sprouts." i finished it with a raspberry jam cookie, the barely baked kind that i've only ever found at loeb's.

i drank a red bull because it was my beverage of choice in 2006, when whiskey was what the higher-ups would have called a grey box violation.

talked a lot of shop. shot the shit. received goosebumps in a percussion ensemble concert.

had a slice of betty's, a berkshire bagel, a bite of soco, and a dip in the stockbridge bowl.

fell prey to hundreds of mosquitos and embraced the inability for t-mobile to work properly anywhere in the vicinity.

i didn't want to leave, no way, i wanted to stay and continue the plunge into that mountain high that makes me so happy. 

alas, i've got a berlin-bound plane to catch.



{or what ms. dorothy remembers for me...}

a brahms 1
that burrito for breakfast!
nico muhly + a child
guy tisdale holds orange soda, rolls
this fancy contraption
oh sam, that child is your child!

not pictured:

the off stage posthorn solo
various insects
a closed cheese shop
mcdonalds, pizza hut, something called the luau hale
timpanis, snapping fingers...
 and those dreamy boy choir boys

till next year, tanglewood...



i wouldn't mind...

i wouldn't mind being at summer camp right now
i wouldn't mind frolicking barefooted in big open fields
i wouldn't mind a campfire {with s'mores}

i wouldn't mind a picnic with some cheese and crackers and grapes
i wouldn't mind some stars, a moon, and a bench to sit and watch
i wouldn't mind a lake to jump in

i wouldn't mind some flip flops
i wouldn't mind some outdoor concerts
i wouldn't mind some summer sun

okee, how much longer until june? :-)



{p.s. those pictures are of friend craig and me at tanglewood, soo many summers back!}

a little inspiration please?

{little thoughts}

1. i wouldn't mind having a castle in the berkshires.

2. teaching is great fun! i taught my two first private lessons today and i loved it! i wore a good teacher outfit too, i might say. (it involved a sweater dress).

3. there are two movies that i am beyond excited about: cloudy with a chance of meatballs. and where the wild things are. (the latter mostly because the arcade fire is doing the score).

4. i sincerely hope that there is a picnik-aholics anonymous.

5. my tap class is REALLY hard. this man is a whackadoodle-slash-amazing teacher (he taught the boys in billy elliot!). it's such fun. but, alas, maybe i am in too far over my head for being a music major in a dance major class? oopsies. 

6. if my oven weren't still kaput from bake fest, i would make homemade fig newtons for friend craig.

7. puppy's butts are about as hilarious as hilarious can get.

8. i've been neglecting pizza night for the past few weeks (pizza night in the yeh-shinbrood household is traditionally every friday). which makes me sort of in the mood for some lou mal's

9. i'm taxed. and exhausted from the week. and i got a little sad yesterday. and am sort of unsatisfied with this post. and am feeling a little uninspired because now that school has started, it's as if every day is planned out minute by minute.

but guess what? it's ok. because i just bought some really SWEET green nail polish. 

and because there are so many awesome people in this world that i love so much!