it's matzo brei season which sounds so much better and couth than calling it no-bread-allowed season. matzo brei in its sartorial form is sort of like that vintage fur coat you found at the salvation army: while you're in the store, buying it is a no-brainer, but then when you leave the store it's like what the hell do i do with this now? it's because no one in their right culinary mind eats matzo brei when it's not passover (why do that when you can have a hole-in-the-middle?) but when it is passover it is the best thing evarrrr. 

here's how mum makes it:

mum's matzo brei
makes 2 servings, but you can easily adjust this by keeping a 1-to-1 ratio of eggs to pieces of matzo and then feeling out the rest of the ingredients. 

4 pieces of matzo
4 large eggs
salt + pepper to taste
2 tb olive oil
1 large shallot, chopped

1. break up matzo into two-inch pieces and soak in cold water for one minute. drain and set aside.
2. in a medium bowl, whisk eggs. add salt + pepper and whisk some more.
3. stir the matzo into the eggs.
4. heat olive oil in a pan over medium heat and add shallots. cook until soft, about five minutes.
5. pour in matzo mixture and cook as if you were making scrambled eggs. mum removes it from the heat just before it sets so that by the time it makes it to the plate, it is perfectly done.
6. add more salt + pepper if needed and serve with hot sauce.


i once was lost but now i am found.

a dozen smiley, colorful, loving little eggs from song away farm were gifted to me last monday by a new coworker friend. all week long they have been my adorable baby muses, receiving the fabergé treatment complete with a perfect morning photo shoot on a just-cloudy-enough day.

i first cracked into a medium-boiled greenish blue beauty and then lost myself all dreamy like in the nutty, sweet flavor. no salt or tabasco necessary.

then i made a scramble a lĂ -ish jean georges in that delightful dog slobber way and topped it with just a bit of charcoal salt for some fun color. 

a shakshuka dinner and a cobb salad later, i am down to but two little song away eggs. i may slow poach one, i may preserve one, i may just marry one and get it over with.

i love these little guys!



this morning i am listening to song from the uproar and enjoying a hole-in-the-middle that's been smeared with leek pesto and sprinkled with charcoal salt atop one of my new animal plates. 

this week, as january weeks are, was a busy bee* week, and thankfully my morningtime boss {me} has graciously given me this morning off to eat my eggs in peace, free of any to-do lists. 

*they were, however, such good busy bees! and included a visit from pops {complete with a lovely pre-sumeida's song premiere pappardelle and chicken at the dutch}, and one mysterious text message that contained the number and lock combination of maria's locker, wherein i found a surprise maple bacon cupcake. cupcakes on a thursday in january? happy perfect holiday to me!

maybe january isn't all that bad...

happy weekend, everybody!


fair-weather frittata

the fair-weather jew that i am opted out of fasting this year.
so i made a frittata.
because i had time {for the first morning in way too long}, because there is nary an egg shortage in my kitchen, and because frittatas are the kind of thing that are just perfect for using up some about-to-go-bad veggies.
oh! and i had never made a frittata.
turns out i am a swell as fuck frittata maker!

the concoction i made this morning is loosely based on alice waters' recipe. kinda. not really.


olive oil
an onion, or two. chopped.
veggies {i used a tomato and a few handfuls of roommate spinach}
8 eggs
salt + pepper
a pinch of cayenne
4 cloves of garlic, chopped.
herbies {i used rosemary and thyme}
marinara, maybe
mustard, maybe


preheat oven to 350.
heat about two tablespoons of olive oil in an oven-proof pan over medium heat, add onion and cook until onions are soft and transparent. add veggies and cook for a few minutes. remove everything from the pan and set aside.
in a large bowl, whisk together the eggs, salt, pepper, cayenne, and garlic.
heat another two tablespoons in the pan over medium heat. add egg mixture. let it firm up a bit on the bottom. lift up the edges to let some of the liquidy part spill under and get some love as well. add the veggies on top and tilt the pan around a little so that the egg gets all up in em. sprinkle the herbies on top.
put her in the oven for 7-10 minutes, until the top firms up.
serve with marinara.
and the mustard is for if you burn yourself terribly like i did... because it's difficult to remember that a panhandle is that hot and because slathering a mustard on a burn really does make it better.