this is not a joke. it is national donut day.

it is as if someone combined all eight days of hannukah with boxing day and the day i first tried a pat lafrieda burger and my birthday into one. 
this is monumental.
this is the height of the summer.
this is going to be the best day ever.

free krispy kremes.
free donuts!!!!!
ohmygoodness i'm going to gain twelve pounds today.

in honor of this holiday, 
i'm gifting you a recipe.
it's for donuts
it's vegan
and it's what inspired the note on the fridge in above photo.

these donuts are
the best motherfucking donuts ever
that's the official name

loosely based on recipes by judith and evan jones and isa moskowitz,
edited/veganized/pulverized by friend frank

you will need:

...for the dough...
2 tablespoons "butter" (earth balance)
 1/2 cup "milk" (light coconut)
1 tablespoon active dry yeast
1/3 cup sugar (vegan-sans bone char, etc.)
1/4 cup warm water (c. 105 degrees)
2 1/4 cups white (unbleached) all purpose flower
1 "egg" slightly beaten (flax replacement)
1 teaspoon coarse salt
1/2 teaspoon ground cardamom
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon ground mace
some peanut oil (for frying)
a bunch of confectioner's sugar (again, vegan)

...for the filling...
1/3 cup "butter" (earth balance)
1/3 cup non-hydro veggie shortening
1/3 cup "cream cheese" (tofutti)
1-1.5 cups confectioner's sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon coarse salt 

you will do:

...for the filling...
in a bowl of indeterminate-yet appropriate-size, beat together "butter," "cheese," and shortening. add the sugar (in graduated segments) and continue to beat mercilessly for a liberal 10 minutes. until painfully fluffy. add vanilla and salt and beat somewhat less mercilessly for another single minute. add extra sugar, as needed, for a medium-firm texture. chill in ice box until needed. 

...for the dough...
boil, briefly, the "butter"+"milk" then let cool. in moderate-sized bowl, dissolve the yeast and 1 teaspoon of the sugar in the lukewarm water. once cooled, stir in the afore boiled "dairy" mixture. beat in flour, "egg," salt, and spices(!). this should, in all likelihood, produce a sticky yet manageable dough. turn out on to a lightly-floured work surface for one minute of vigorous kneading. place dough in recently-cleaned and greased bowl--to be covered with plastic wrap--until doubled in volume.

once risen, turn out dough to a lightly-floured work surface and roll out to 1/4 inch thickness. cut out 3-inch circles. place a heaping teaspoon of filling in the center of half of the cut circles. wet the rim with water and place an empty circle on top. seal both halves around edge using a fork. cover lightly with towel and let rise (take two) until doubled in size (again).

heat two inches of oil in cooking pan to 370 degrees. slip in donuts one at a time, but don't fry more than four at once. fry for two minutes on each side. place on paper towel-lined cookie sheet in warming oven. when all be done, sprinkle with confectioner's sugar. serve while warm. or, whenever.

stuff your face.

happy donut day everyone!!!



that time my stomach exploded.

this is not another april fool's joke.
in the 48 hours that mum was in town, we actually ate all of this:

every good explosion begins with poached eggs.
these ones on focaccia with spinach at
on broadway between 89th and 90th

dessert was a macarella
{macarella = nutella sandwiched between two coconut macaroons least we tried to keep kosher for passover?}

and as soon as we got down to the village,
we decided that the hot weather called for some
on bleecker and cornelia
red velvet cake yogurt and taro yogurt to be exact.
with strawbees and mochi, of course.

and i kid you not,
we literally sat on the bench outside of 
on bleecker accross from phileo
finishing off our yogurt,
so that we wouldn't have to bring it in with us to order a hot cross bun.
it was easter, after all.
...and as mentioned before, 
it was a definite room temperature cross bun. 
delicious and doughy and yeasty and tasty nonetheless. 
{i wanted a bread bunny too. but i'm allergic to bunnies}

schnitzel @ seasonal.
on 58th between 6th and 7th
more on this later.
but, duh, we friggen had schnitzel.

day two: the poached eggs were on english muffins this time at
on amsterdam and 79th
i had a lorraine omelet. 
they know their omelets, those nice people.

ok i swear we didn't eat all of these bomboloni from
on 68th and columbus
they were for the percussion ensemble concert dress rehearsal.
i only ate one. or seven. no really, just two.
and i think i made the alice tully stage hands love me.

dinner number one at
on amsterdam and 73rd
made me feel like i was in a cute vacation town.
we had a crispy focaccia sandwich with prosciutto and robiola cheese
that was superbly tangy...

...and gnocchi in a shape i've never seen gnocchi in before.
with fabulous out of this world red sauce.

dinner number two at
at east 12th and 1st
was at the golden section of mum's stay for good reason.
more on this later.

day three: poached eggs on scones the customary trip to 
at 73rd and columbus
where mum always gets coffee.
when will she learn?

this actually happened.

and that doesn't even include the fresh baked cookie bars that mum brought for me,
or all of the bread baskets,
or the amuse bouches...

seriously, we deserve a medal.
or a jenny craig membership.
{worth it.... soooooo worth it}

stay tuned for more details on a few of these for restaurant challenge posts!



today i was old-fashioned

tap dancing to sing, sing, sing

an afternoon sit at the farmers' market

a donut.
{a 75 cent apple cider one}

a stroll down to the village
via broadway/lexington/east river

a new pretty flowery scarf when it was chilly
a step in and out of the  strand bookstore
{mainly because, i really can't face the embarrassment of someone asking me if i've ever been to the strand before and me having to say no}

a {vegan} picnic at washington square park
dandelion greens

and a silent movie at film forum

it was pretty, though i didn't cry like i half expected to.
the adorable actress and the marvelous carnival scene
{were not enough to redeem itself from the bothersome plot line {which i won't give away}}
much of the music sounded very similar to verklärte nacht.
which now that i think of it, is very pertinent, considering the story lines of the two. 

to bed now to rest up for mum's visit tomorrow.



pictures: {bored} {bored} {bored}

donuts are the new cupcakes.

stefani @ doughnut plant

love to magnolia,
love to crumbs,
love to sprinkles,

and love to every single one of the 
thousand million glamourous cupcake bloggers 
{and their headbands that match the color of the frosting}

in a world where outer beauty matters all too often,

it's time for the 
goofy kid to shine.

traditional donut @ bombolini

i know,
it's our natural instinct to suppress it,
seeing as how they are about a thousand times worse for you than a piece of cake,
but in this era of shamelessness
there's no better time than now to embrace the fact that



it's true.

it's no coincidence
opened kitty-corner to magnolia on the upper west side,

serving pb&j sammiches on donuts
opened a stone's throw from kyotofu

the same year that april decided to serve
ciabatta donuts at her new baby,

 the same year that
opened with bombolini on the menu

it's even rumored that
serves donuts.

apple cider donuts @ the 65th street farmers' market

enough beating round the bush,
here are reasons why donuts prevail:

1. like i said, everything is better fried... and that should be reason enough.

2. variety
yeasty, cakey, frosted, powdered, glazed, 
jelly-filled, creme-filled, square, round, hole, 
no hole, long and skinny...
ciabatta?!  #aprilbloomfieldisSUCHapimp

3. you don't have to let them cool before glazing them
when have you ever been served a warm cupcake with the frosting still in tact?
contrary wise, how often is the krispy kreme hot-now sign on?

4. they cost less moneys.
why buy a magnolia cupcake for over two dollars 
when you could go across the street to bombolini 
and buy a warm pistachio donut for $1.09?

5. they make excellent photo shoot props.

the traditional specs
w/ ciabatta donuts @ the breslin
the smiley face
above: of maria w/ an apple cider donut at the 65th street farmers' market
below: w/ blackout at doughnut plant
the mustache 
the i'm-a-man-and-i'm-not-sacrificing-my-masculinity-by-posing-with-a-cupcake-but-instead-i-am-cool-for-posing-with-something-doubly-as-bad-for-you
{welcome luke to the blog world, ladies}

6. let us also not 4get about the crème brulée donut
@doughnut plant

donuts are better.


challenge me, i dare you.
{i think meghan's already working on it...}
and i will personally bring you on a walking donut tour of manhattan 
where we will stop at the following:
{from north to south}

bombolini at 68th and columbus, for warm, filled italian donuts
the 65th street farmers' market for apple cider donuts & the homey farm boys that vend them
bouchon bakery at columbus circle for thomas kellerness
a voce at columbus circle for haute bombolini and a view of central park
holey cream in hell's kitchen
the breslin bar and dining room at 29th and broadway for chewy chewy ciabatta donuts
doughnut plant on the lower east side for outrageousness 
shopsin's at the essex street market for baby donuts

sheesh, that's enough donut porn for now.

who's with me?