two stoops on the television

well, it's airing!
this weekend!
watch it on the food network on sunday at 10pm est and look for challenger schneider's sous chef because that's my sissy!! 
and pray with me that the part where alton brown calls her a
"crafty little minx"
is not on the cutting room floor. 


on tuesday,
watch the cooking channel at 8pm est for the u.s. series premier of 
which will have a segment on the mothership that is the schnitzel truck
...and yours truly will be doing what she does best 
{eating a schnitzel, duh}
and if you're in canada, i think it was just on food network last night but hopefully they will show it again!

so get your jammies on and watch the tele!!
and karadashian sisters, watch out: stoops are coming to reality tv.


schnitzel month victory lap

veal happened.
{as in, schnitzel got a wiener}
the schnitzel truck doesn't normally serve veal,
but today the heavens opened up and my twitters updated and it said something to the effect of,
@schnitzeltruck: we have veal on 52nd and 6th. get here soon or else no veal for you. 
the next step was obvious.
and one fantastically long lunch break later {should i go to class or eat veal? well... do popes shit in the woods?}
veal was had. extra mustard. tater salad. and cucumbas.
and panna cotta. mmmmmmm.
and this is chloe. i kidnapped her from keyboard skillz class to go to the truck because she had never been. 
she told me that she could eat schnitzel every single day for the rest of her life. 
and i said so could i. 
maybe we will have a schnitzel eating contest.



schnitzel month days 9, 10, and 11

in the words of the schnitzel father:

yesterday i took a sample bite of a schnitzel burger @schnitzel and things it was awesome and i kinda felt like i was cheating on schnitzel but not i have a schnitzdentity crisis

and really,
that's how it feels.
it was like i was in a tangent universe
because the ciabatta and the mustard are the same...
and the meat is fried
but instead of the usual paper thin chickens
it's big and honkin and grouuuuund.

i was afraid that if i ate the whole thing i wouldn't survive my forthcoming trip to the natural history museum. so i ate half the patty, and downed the bun. 
is that weird?
i'm just so obsessed with this darn ciabatta.
i'm never going to be able to have other ciabatta.

and since we're playing the rhyme game
{wait, no we're not}
i also had panna cotta
{panna cotta, ciabatta, panna cotta, ciabatta}
this was my first panna cotta!! ever!!
and certainly not to be my last because this stuff was not too sweet and
 sooooooooo goooooood.
i'm going to pretend like it's healthy, too.



p.s. oh and in case you're wondering what happened to the other two days,
their beauty shots got lost because in a freak runway accident.
{no really, my baby camera was stolen out of my checked bag at jfk wtf}

on one of the days i had
a brat with beets
and it was fine. the beets didn't really add or detract from the taste. the only thing they added was a hot pink hue all over the bread.

and on the other day i had
chicken schnitzel with chipotle sour cream
tater salad
chickpea salad
and the chipotle sour cream blew my mind. like i gotta have more of this stuff. but i kept having to tell myself, "molly, you cannot die."
the tater salad was good as usual {so what if i dipped it in the sour cream?}
and the chickpea salad was as good as a chickpea salad can be, but let's face it, do you people really enjoy the texture of chickpeas? i mean, isn't that why they invented hummus?
...oh no.
i just realized that on my stolen camera there was a really cute picture of my chicken schnitzel with a face:
mustard for the eyes,
a lemon wedge for the mouth.
crap it was so cute.
i'll just have to make another.

interview: oleg voss {the schnitzel man}

oleg voss is the genius behind 
the schnitzel & things truck
 {aka the reason that i have had the most tasty lunches ever this month!}

and like a true food truck dude,
oleg is so cool!

he even let me interview him!
m: have you ever dressed up as a schnitzel for halloween? 
o: i have never personally dressed up as a schnitzel for halloween. but you know what? my mom sews some mean articles of clothing! i'll have to tell her to sew together some material into a circular shape, and i'll finish up the rest.  gonna have to put the whole thing in glue and dive in a pool of bread crumbs.

 if you were a schnitzel, which condiment would you want to be slathered in?
lol, if i were a schnitzel, i'd totally want to jump in an ocean of our sriracha mayo.

 are you tired of schnitzel?
me tired of schnitzel?? how can i tire of of fried deliciousness?? only thing i'm tired of is pounding hundreds and hundreds of various cutlets of meat on a daily basis.  this one process, done 5 days a week for a year straight can make you have some serious nightmares of huge mallets coming after you.  i've had multiple dreams where two giant mallets chase me and eventually beat the crap out of me.  and when i say beat the crap out of me, i mean they put me in between two pieces of saran wrap and proceed to "tenderize" my entire body into a nice thin round shape.  this question is tricky.  i'm not tired of eating the schnitzified goodness, because once i tire of chicken, i switch to the pork, or the cod, and on special occasions, i indulge in the real official wiener schnitzel.

 do you ever think about taking the schnitzel truck for a road trip to spread the love? where would you go? 
i DO think about taking the schnitz mobile on road trips.  sadly, i don't think the truck would safely make it past delaware.  if the truck ever got stuck in delaware, i think i would just cry.  no offense to delaware, but i don't remember any recommendations to vacation there.  i'd actually love to take the truck to L.A. where there are tons of food trucks but no schnitz.  that place needs schnitzification badly... among other things. we would do some serious slinging up in thur!

 if you could serve your schnitzel to anybody in the world, who would it be? 
depeche mode.  DM FOREVER!!!! martin, dave, and fletch are idols of mine! i bet their shows would be even better with full stomachs of schnitz!

 where do you go for schnitzel if you want to sit down and be waited on?  
i go to thomas beisl right across the street from BAM in brooklyn, which coincidentally is 2 blocks from where i live.  the place reminds me of my suit and tie days spent in similar beisl's in vienna.

 who's your coolest customer????   
you know who our coolest customer is! as soon as i saw you tweet "let it be known, i am a gangster" you automatically jumped to #1 on the list.  plus your love for the schnitz is incomparable..  actually, the second coolest customer(s) are these bunch of guys who call themselves "the schnitzel fathers" and they started to send me messages through this shmuppet... pure hilarity.  then they started the talking schnitzel hahahah, how can you not love these dudes???  makes me laugh every time.   

let it be known, THIS man is a gangster!!
if you haven't taken a trip to the schnitzel truck yet, you are a dufus.

stay tuned for the next installment of schnitzel month updates
{be prepared, it involves a schnitzburger}