i met my first navy bean last week! the first thing it said to me was "i am not a tic tac." 

bean harvest is well underway and to celebrate, i romped around the farm while eggboy taught me all about navy beans. here are some interesting things i retained: 

-in order to harvest them they must be very dry but not too dry or else they'll break

-harvesting involves a few steps: cut the beans (this is often done in the middle of the night so that they're not too dry) -> rake them into rows with a big fat giant rake -> pick them up with a big thing that wiggles all of the little beans out of their pods -> dump all of the beans into a truck and let them have a slumber in the truck so that the drier beans suck the moisture out of the moister beans -> take them away!

-crickets like to play in the bean trucks

...i didn't taste one because i'm a wuss like that and also because they were very very hard. i did however want to dive into the bean truck when it was all filled up because it reminded me of the ball pit at discovery zone. only more cricket-y.