i made a book! 

a year and a half ago i made a list of all of my favorite foods, and then over the course of the following year i wrote down their recipes, got them camera-ready, and snap snap snapped. then i locked the doors, played sia the loudest she would go, and sat my bum at the table to extract all of the words from my belly/my heart/my brain. i wrote about my suburban childhood existence that was fueled by wonderbread and lunchables, my years at juilliard where xylophones and pizza ruled my life, the real (and smelly) story of eggboy and me, and my new life on the farm with jell-o salads and tater tots. writing it was terrifying because i wasn't sure if i'd find the right words in time for my deadline or whether or not my memory would fail me, but the obsessive documenter in me, who has kept my diary writing continuous from the day i could write, is proud and pleased with the thing and i cannot wait to show you!

a few of my favorite things in this book include: a pattern for making your own schnitzel halloween costume (drawn by the rockstar illustrator lisel jane ashlock), a sub chapter on macaroni and cheese including a macaroni and cheese flow chart, a dumpling party and a tractor top pizza party (captured by fargo's finest chantell ziegler) and recipes for brunch brisket, baloney lunchables, pimiento cheese babka, mozartkugeln, jerusalem bagel dogs, slider cakes, and a new and improved funfetti cake. 

molly on the range is officially out! see below for where you can find it. tag your posts with #mollyontherange so i can see what you make!

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book #2!

i made another book! short stack yogurt is an ode to one of my favorite ingredients in the world, what i like to call the duct tape of dairy products. this book contains sweet and savory recipes that feature new fun ways to use yogurt! buy it here and follow along on social with #shortstackyogurt.

here are other books where you can find my recipes!

cherry filled funfetti cake in the cherry bombe cookbook, by kerry diamond and claudia wu

scallion pull apart bread in modern potluckby kristin donnelly

ricotta, bacon, & egg birthday sandwich in meet in my kitchen, by meike peters

vanilla cake with rhubarb filling and chicken pot tater tot hotdish in america the great cookbook, by joe yonan

black sesame cupcakes with matcha frosting and chocolate cherry mandel bread in food52 baking cookbook, foreward by amanda hesser and merrill stubbs