since earlier this week, when i admitted that i had forgotten all about the chinese new year and didn't make party plans like i have the past few years, i've felt a little bad. like my chinese half was neglected. so this morning i brainstormed some chinese recipes to make, gluten free ones that eggboy could enjoy. rice noodles, fun rolls, other rice things... i even dug out the glutinous rice flour and sat on my couch for a good moment of time, watching videos on how to make 紅豆沙

eventually hunger and not wanting to get cornstarch and sesame seeds everywhere and a desire to eat healthyish in anticipation of the super bowl and a lack of an entire crew of people to come over and make dumplings and take instax pictures got the best of me and i decided to just make a toast. a toast for one in my chinatownless town.

but what a pleasant toast it was! a slice of oatmeal wheat with homemade red bean paste accompanied by coffee in a red cup and the decision to only use red utensils and wear red clothes. 

gung hay fat choy!

now where is my red envelope...