eggboy and i are in chicago now, escaping the north dakota cold and seeing my family. it is a crisp -9ºf right now and it's supposed to warm up to zero later today! such excitement, i think i'll shed one sweater layer. 

we spent the weekend in the suburbs with homeland season 3 and a massive stack of cookbooks. we did not surface except to take a salty cheesy trip to eataly with these two and to eat about 12 orders of brunch paella at ba ba reeba

my sisters and i, we do this thing where we impersonate al dente noodles. that's what that gif is all about. i dunno how it started, i think it's a variation on the helpless dog pose that we do when we don't want to do something or if pops is taking too many pictures (do you see where i get it from?). my best guess is that stoop is a penne noodle, mia is a bow tie or perhaps udon, and i like to think that if i were a noodle i'd be some sort of hand pulled strand like one you'd find at xi'an. 

i find myself obliterated with excitement to do things that were once a norm. going to a mall, going to the paint your own pottery place, staring at the whole foods cheese counter. even a five minute trip to trader joe's has been a highlight. it feels benjamin buttony and i like it.

anywho. ikea calls, so i am off to "brave" this "bitter cold weather" and i promise not to call anyone a wimp in the process. (but seriously, chicago, grow a pair.)





the mental state i am in right now. i'd pay good money to bring it back to new york. not in like a drug way, but in a wide open spaces, freshly cut grass smell, huge freaking suburban grocery stores, have the patience to sit and look out the window and do nothing sort of way. i've been bad about emails, i've tweeted perhaps once, and the above photos were only taken when i wasn't planted in front of the television watching game of thrones. i ran a 5k yesterday. it was fun and i might pretend that that's enough real exercise to get me through the week.

i woke up this morning and i asked myself "self, what do i need to do today?" and i responded, "nothing." it was the greatest. i think i'll go to the library.