panko and za'atar crusted chicken with balsamic date chutney

did i ever tell you about the time i won free schnitzel for an entire month? 

back when i was an upper west side bicycle-riding college person (and also a "restaurant blogger") one of my twelve twitter accounts became the 5,000th follower of the schnitzel truck and the prize was free schnitzel for a month. it was one of the greatest most delicious most water retained months of my life. you can read all about it in vintage my name is yeh.

the glorified chicken nugget that is schnitzel always has and always will be one of my most favorite foods. in today's molly on the rangei confess that if ever a valentine gave me a heart-shaped schnitzel, i'd probably propose right then and there all leap-year style. but then i go on to discuss the downsides of eating so much schnitzel (especially when there is a cute valentine's day outfit to wear) and give an alternative yet equally as tasty option complete with the superhero spice blend za'atar. za'atar!!!!

it's a really tasty valentine's day meal if i do say so myself. i won't be having it because i had it every day for a week when i was testing this recipe. but you should!




if ever you've found yourself with leftover challah that is no longer moist enough to be yummy on its own (which is really difficult to do considering that challah is about the best kind of bread ever,  but not that difficult to do if you have a gluten-free eggboy and are burdened with the chore of eating ALL THE BREAD BY YOURSELF), it might do you good to simply make breadcrumbs. and then schnitzel (v.) some chickens about it.

i wrote a recipe for challah crusted schnitzel and it is up on the jew and the carrot. might i say, it is rather tasty. and if i were you i would trust my schnitzel opinion because remember, i once spent an entire month eating schnitzel almost exclusively. ah the good old days.

so go dry up some challah and pound some chickens!