welcome to the battle of no-shame november vs. the shower.

all this month i've played with the idea of just waiting one more day to shower. but then common sense enters the equation and i have to go out in public or eggboy tells me to shower. i don't know, i've been rather tame in this whole shameless month business (however i am wearing turquoise juicy pants currently, so there's that). 

please excuse me for writing my no-shame november list a third of the way through november. i trust you've all been eating nachos and lunchables and other shameless snacks for the past 12 days? (oh, just me? oh...) 

hopefully the idea of no-shame november is nothing new to you and you're currently smelling your armpits to make sure that they're just a little bit smelly.

so put on your uggs, brew up some tang, and get listing! 


shameless loves, the 2013 edition


saying screw you to bread crust.  

uggs. sorry i'm not sorry. 

chocolate o'clockit happens twice as often during november.

i just burped. 

emoji. mainly the santa claus and onigiri ones. 

those days when my entire calorie intake consists of cake batter.

 scotch eggs.




 ...what are you shamelessly loving this month (or every month)?