string beans // they're the best for when i feel like a vegetable but am too lazy to chop anything. i put them in a pan, forget about them for a little, and then smother them in sesame sauce.

siggi's skyr (double points for two s's) // it's officially the only yogurt i'll buy. it has just a few, all-natural ingredients, and it's sweetened with a bit of agave. also, i wrote a love letter to the company and they sent me a bunch of coupons. teehee. 

squash // there have been a shit ton of squash recipes on the internet lately and i want to eat them all. even if i turn orange. #oitnb. here's a roundup: squash donuts, green curry spaghetti squash, squash noodle soup with swiss chard, stuffed pumpkin, squash galette, spaghetti squash cakesthere was also a pretty lookin stuffed acorn squash a few days ago that i just spent 20 minutes trying to find, but i  guess i lost it. oops.

sweaters // i keep one in every room because you just never know.

snare drumming // i started keeping my drum pad at my desk. it's good for burning off energy when i have too much for sitting still and not energy for getting up to bake.

socializing with my penguin // ok now i'm just fishing for s-words, but mumbles has kept good company when eggboy is out in the fields.

happy weekend!!! 




this week was bat-shit cray. i got to see eggboy for a combined total of mayyybe two hours because of harvest, and i almost destroyed my esophagus with lye. i showered but once, and at work i dropped a freshly decorated cake.


there were so many awesome parts about this week that are much more interesting than a kvetch fest. so here are the ones that i can remember:

1. i got to watch my dad play verdi's requiem on the chicago symphony live stream. i miss that orchestra so much. growing up in chicago, i totally took them for granted. and when i lived in new york, i loved seeing them on tour and eating at the burger joint after their concerts. but you know what is also great? watchin them from my bathtub. 

2. there were so many delicious recipes on the internet this week! there are just too many to name them all, but here are a few that i need to try soon: southern graham crackers with sorghum from nothing but delicious, fall cornbread panzanella salad with maple-mustard vinaigrette from naturally ella, and raw chocolate pistachio gelato from oh, ladycakes.

3. sugar cookie sleigh ride herbal tea. my little sis brewed me a cup of this last year around the holidays and i've been looking for it ever since. i finally found some at target because they started getting their holiday stuff in. yayyy!! 

4. eggboy surprised me for lunch today with pad thai. our town's pad thai place is literally the best ever. i ate it so fast i was convinced i'd puke.

4a. i didn't puke.  

5. my girl brooke from fargo came to town and we met with mia about the wolftree cookbook that we are editing(pssst: there is still time to submit your recipe!) it was so lovely to hang out with them. all of my new homies here are so awesome.

6. i had some fun articles published: 

-this one on jew and the carrot about eating my favorite lentil soup on a tractor 

-my first post on food52. it features the pretzel challah recipe that i posted a while back, but it has a different intro, which i wrote in my head, entirely in the shower. 

7. i wrote an article for modern farmer which i am so excited about. it's about sugar beets, so if you're wondering what the big deal is with the thing that eggboy is holding in the above photo, sit tight for this article to come out!

8. this week had a great playlist. a mix of lorde, john adams, sufjan stevens, mahler, and vampire weekend. you can hear it here.

another awesome thing is that eggboy will be home for dinner tonight, so i am off to bed right now so that i can be up to make him dinner before i go to work! 

happy weekend!




days are measured in pounds of butter and layers of cake...and caramel. boy do the people here like their caramel rolls. 

i can't, i just can't pronounce it "car-mle." i spent my entire time on the east coast developing my kærəmɛand i will do anything to hold onto that middle syllable because it is so pleasing to say.

i've been using a shopping cart at the grocery store. it's so cool: you can wheel it freely around the big open aisles and you don't have to limit what you buy out of fear that it will be too heavy for your basket and then after you pay you can wheel it all the way out to your car and just transfer bags one at a time. such luxury.  

it feels like fallllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i bought a shitton of canned pumpkin about it. 

but that only means that winter is nearer. and look at this list that i found of the coldest cities in america: i live in number two. and  if you only count the lower 48 states i live in the number one coldest city. oy veyzmir what have i done.

lorde is my new favorite music.

 ...and eggboy's been harvesting! which is where all of the above photos are from. i spent an afternoon with him while he harvested wheat and it was fascinating to learn where the flour that i use every day comes from. i saw why he always comes home with dirty hands and why it's imperative that his lunches be packed in sturdy tupperware. he explained how the wheat is cut and then put into the big grain bins before being sent to the mill to be made into flour (there are a few other steps that i don't remember but maybe one day i'll have him do a guest post about it). it was a little nerve-wracking to be right next to the massive tractors and other machines because they are kind of like big transformers... but for sure, being on the farm during harvest is pretty darn exciting.



my nail colors are getting brighter and brighter,

i've been eating ramp pesto by the spoonful,

my technology has been moving slower than a sleepy sloth,

it's the more complicated alliterations that get me,

a messy kitchen is a happy kitchen, but so is a wonderfully exquisite beautifully clean kitchen,

there has been country music playing on my pandora?

i've been brushing my hair and it feels quite nice not to be on the verge of dreadlocks every day,

i've been busily preparing the most awesome itinerary ever for when jaclyn and katie come to visit this week (and doing stomach stretches to allow for the large amounts of cake that we will be consuming).

ooh and check out these photos that donny took of me for the big gay ice cream book:


i was going for a bit of kimmy gibbler meets harajuku. you know, to keep my asian roots present as i demolish a salty pimp