just a few more shots from my little trip to the berkshires. this instagram thing has really got me hooked. i'm pretty sure it's my new favorite social network because it's the one with the least kvetching and the prettiest, happiest, most creative energy.


i could wake up to that every morning // a new fave // spotted near the mailbox

rob strums // about to sound paint // tema + a boy! 

in a little mountain town // being savvy picnic people // so many other picnic people

painting sound painting sound // the secret path to the magical grounds // mandolin!  



my last week as a brooklynite was exactly how a last week as a brooklynite should be: filled with bagels, pizza, debating whether or not to pack my ball jars, and saying goodbye (or see you on the internet! ) to some fantastically wonderful humans.

the nerves set in slightly during my smoked meat sandwich with donny, my 2 am slice with cutlet, and my one last muffin from blue sky. but for the most part, the craziness of the week just reaffirmed my new identity as someone who *visits* new york well.  (because behind my grandma tendencies of playing board games on friday nights there is still a great partier, she just can't handle more than a week of it at one time.) 

so file the chance meetings, the late night food, the way everyone seems to push boundaries, and those days spent biking through new neighborhoods as the things i will miss most.  

and classify the smelly people and the subways as the ones i will miss the least.  

farewell, new york! i'm ready for the midwest.



last week i tooled around the midwest, taking in all of the greenery and the old storefronts, and spending time with people and pets. i gained a thing for parallel lines: lines in the field, lines on the deck, train tracks, docks, staves... they're fun, i think i'll run with them for a second. i enjoyed the quiet simplicity of the midwest before making my way back to the sauna east for one last week of bagels, juilliard, brooklyn, and packing before saying goodbye. 

this will be a very weird week. 


wildflowers from eggboy, picked during cultivation // a bemidji dock // a tractor hang

birthday pies for eric // my favorite sign in my new town // avec avec nick et colin

wisconsin dells, the summer home of my youth // bundled for the train + anticipating the fall // farmer things

cold pizza (the perfect breakfast) // rite of spring // a private little concert

milwaukee // from a long and enjoyable ride // #selfiesunday

in his sunday best with a tiny little kitty // cotton candy in the sky // israeli lunch

the first ravinia // the mighty mia // the jolly george

a wicker park summer evening // greek yogurt + halva // a brother and his band



the masada // jacob plays the recorder for echoes // a little waterfall

where we sang ingrid michaelson and the like // half ready for the sea // by the waterfall

mud // more mud // the dead sea

evan + hotel // moses burger // moses burger!! 

film // likely listening to vampire weekend // jaffa!

some of the crew // night kitchen // my very first ceviche

a sunset // the last day // jenna + flag