scenes from florida + friday links

about last weekend: i remember cousin russell telling stoop and me what the goal for the bar tab was and then i remember getting off a plane three days later at o'hare and seeing an old schoolmate dash up the escalator with his cello. 

in between was fuzzy, but i do know this: there was boogying, there was a sundae bar, there was a man who airbrushed "eggboy" and a picture of a chihuahua onto a t-shirt for me. and that much family in one place at one time? oh it really doesn't get much better than that. it didn't matter that approximately 12 people over the course of the weekend thought i was 16 years old, i still did my part in helping cousin russell reach his bar tab goal, with a side of one more caviar toast, please. (i mean...?!) 

recovery came in the form of a little day trip to sarasota to celebrate george's birthday on the beach with some very delightful homies. we played bean bags and ate quiche, we gossiped, we avoided sunburn.

an a plus weekend. and now on to the next!! but first, some links...

i can't stop staring at samantha lee's instagram feed. i wonder if she'd take my request for a lorde onigiri?

gimme all the matcha cakes!

if you don't hear from me next week it's because i am busy eating bacon matzoh brei.

a hunt for smiles in new york.

black sesame macarons are my favorite macarons, and these ones have nutter butter filling.

just a little reminder that it's been entirely too long since i had a bakewell tart.

rosemary + citrus, wins every time.

i'm gonna kidnap some of eggboy's soybeans next harvest so that i can make homemade tofu.

remember that time i discovered how cute yonkers is? the fruits of that labor are now on the internet and it is so groovy!

macaroon season is upon on us!!!!! pistachio macaroon granola bars, macaroons that use coconut chips, lemon meringue macaroonsmacaroon bread! oh my oh my oh my. 

i made a grilled chicken version of these korean tacos last night and they were the tops.

a regular rumpelstiltskin as a bread maker, that was my favorite imagery this week.

pretzel crusted pie (!)

why have i never had a tres leches cake before?

my recipe for peeps (along with ways to make them boozy and herby and green tea-y) is up on food52.

tuba bonfire.


happy weekend, everybody!!




over the weekend, eggboy and i had the loveliest little adventure to brighton beach for garth's birthday. we donned our hats and took my favorite train, the q train, nearly to the end of the line. when we got off we couldn't read any of the signs because they were in russian but we somehow sought out the sea. ok, the ocean. i just wanted to say sea because of the alliteration.

it felt so nice to dip our toes in some sand and nibble on truffles and jam cookies with the loveliest of lovely people. we met a few crabs, discussed israel and sleep no moreand then huddle in scarves when it got chilly! by mid-afternoon, eggboy and were back home in our sweats, eating lentil soup.

perfect? oh, yes, definitely.


p.s. did you see?? eggboy won the theme song contest!! i promise, i asserted no nepotism. now you can hear his theme song over on the sidebar!

p.p.s. i am really loving the new iron & wine album.