i imagine a common fear one has when moving from brooklyn to north dakota is how am i to find and befriend any creative types and people advancing an art amidst the wheat fields and the beet fields and the winters? and do these people even exist here? which is an asshole and naive way of thinking. but it's also that temporary mindset that drove me to get in wolftree'editors' faces as soon as i happened upon the beautiful midwesty magazine at a little shop in fargo. 

the editors are some of the first people i've met here who aren't part of eggboy's family, and they are such wonderful humans. they had me write a recipe for steamed apple buns and tell part of my new kid story for their second issue, which was released this weekend. they had a killer launch party at a sassy art gallery in fargo and then last night i stayed up way past my bed time reading the issue cover to cover. 

in the issue, the midwest almost plays this character that is crazy and occasionally out of control, but also honest and loving, and deeply cared for by the people who call it home. it's a kind of midwest that's very different from the one i grew up in, outside of chicago, and i really didn't know that existed. 

as if the farm lunches and my new king sized bed weren't enough, wolftree has made me extremely excited to be here. midwesterner or not, you should definitely read this magazine.