spring crept in the door this weekend! it shouted, in its cute high-pitched elmo-like voice, "wear a colorful dress! eat colorful food!" and so dress i wore and kale i ate and merry we were, as roomie patrick entertained his guests on easter for one of those brunch parties that starts at 2 in the afternoon. (i am convinced that all of patrick's friends qualify to be guest characters on girls. you know, the attractive, smart, pop culture savvy type that have 10,000 twitter followers and poetry degrees.)

also this weekend i broke my kosher for passover run to eat hot cross buns x two: one from bklyn larder on a little lunch date with eggboy, and one (ok three) that chris made from scratch. after bklyn larder, eggboy got a little bit blue about not being with his family for easter, so i rerouted us to fleisher's, where we acquired beginner's steak and beginner's lamb (neither of us have cooked either of those before) for a special eggboyeaster dinner! i think the steak had about 10 minutes too many, but i'd rather feed eggboy overcooked steak than undercooked. 

we rounded off the weekend with 90s movies, the kind that show you what life was like in the suburbs when scrunchies were in style and pixar wasn't yet that cool. i rather miss those days...