and it appears that i am at juilliard one hour earlier than i needed to be for teaching the kiddies. oops. i think i was on too much of a roomful of teeth live at spectrum high to think straight. so this morning it is all about less coffee than i need, lana del rey {??} and planning a lesson on minimalism, which i think will be appropriate, as these youngsters are about the age that i was when i fell in love with steve reich. i think. 

sadness is only that this hour could have been used for running/strolling to the greenmarket with eggboy and purchasing this amazing kale we found last week but not before tossing around a tennis ball in prospect park. it will wait until later, just before donny's birthday play time and just before before maria's recital. 

it's going to be a sweet saturday, garnished with violin and phasing.