i had a sick day so i made a collage. it's the things i wear pretty much every single day in case you ever thought i wonder what a non-fashion blogger wears. i find it transitions brilliantly from day to oh-shit-i-forgot-i'm-going-to-danji-with-mike-my-friend-from-high-school night. or when chi emergency needs a date to the solange concert that night. i mean sometimes it makes that transition more easily than others. the backpack doesn't clearly say employed 23-and-three-quarters-year-old, but i take that risk because other bag formats give me hurties in the arms.

1. mustard yellow sweater: i'm always cold, it's comfy, it camouflages mustard stains.
2. warby parker prestons: they fit my round face, they say hey baybay i like new music and i live in brooklyn.
3. jo malone vanilla & anise: i'm not old enough for a flowery perfume.
4. fjallraven kanken backpack in forrest green: it is the perfect size for a cute little lunchie and my lipgloss and a book. and my tide stick and an extra sweater and my glasses. and sometimes a chocolate bar.
5. clark's heath harrier boots: i was supremely suckered into buying these by the most evil shoe salesman of all time but now i wear them every day so i guess he wasn't that evil.
6. red socks: i have rando red socks in my sock drawer, i have no idea where they came from, but they look mighty fun sticking out of my ankle boots.
7. black jeans: no one that i see on a daily basis knows that i wear one of two pairs of pants every single day. they are my favorite clothing items right now. 


p.s. i'm really proud of this because i just remembered that my freshman year college roommate dressed as me for halloween and it consisted not of a green backpack but of a disney princesses backpack. also: juicy couture and a big headband and a cowbell, obviously. i think i've come a long way. maybe. i don't know.