plane food: it's what i loved more than mum's cooking for an embarrassingly long portion of my life. when i was 6ish i ate four united airlines omelettes en route to los angeles, and now my most prized dishes are little rectangular white plates that were used on delta flights {i found them at a salvation army and gasped when i looked at the bottom and saw the delta logo}. these days when i am on a flight and hungry i am just plain bitter as shit. so i'm planning ahead for this weekend when i fly home. i know i know, it is like a less-than-two-hour flight and i will have lou malnati's waiting for me when i land, but i get a kick out of this stuff so humor me, maybe?

the criteria to fit if one is to be a "perfect plane snack"
-packaging is resealable or individually wrapped
-not messy
-not perishable {no stinky rotting anything allowed}
-healthy and not too heavy {no pooping allowed}

1. freeze dried strawberries: for a long time i perused the dried fruit section at tj's, disappointed at how many items had added sugar. these are just strawberries, and a lot of them! i will take that vitamin c and raise you a small toddler. 
2. kale chips: these puppies are more crack than a cheeto and zero oil or artificial things and even better than homemade kale chips.
3. dry roasted unsalted almonds: basic, exactly what it says. i wanted salted but eggboy said i already had a lot of salt in the basket. and also i couldn't find any cute individual bags of the salted ones.
4. teriyaki turkey jerky: this stuff is so tasty and packed with protein. they're the token chewy snack of the bunch, for some textural variety.
5. dark chocolate nibs: just because you're on a plane does not mean you can skip chocolate o'clock

ok let me know if i forgot something on this list. 

happy flying to me! see you next week.