recipe: sesame sauce


mum has been making this sauce for sesame noodles since i was a little nugget {long before i even liked anything that wasn't mac and cheese}. now a little ramekin of those sesame noodles, garnished with scallions, regularly accompanies her to the airport to pick me up whenever i fly home. they are so comforting and saucy and delicious, and really good cold in the middle of the night if you happen to be wandering around the kitchen with a fork...

last week a stroke of gluten-freeness came over me and i put this sauce on roasted brussels sprouts and they were sooooooo goood. i've been making them every day since for at least two meals. 

when i gchatted mum to tell her my discovery she responded with something to the effect of, "oh yeah obviously. i've been putting that sauce on vegetables for years."

thaaaaankkkksssss maaaaaaa.

anyway i kind of want to slather this sauce on everything that comes out of my kitchen but first i have to track down where a sista buys tahini in bulk.

notes about the recipe: if you're making a full box of noodles, double the sauce. if you're making this for vegans, brown sugar is a great substitute for the honey.