what i'm listening to these days.

people often ask what i'm listening to these days and most of the time i don't know what to say because i don't really think about music in terms of genres and i have about a thousand favorite bands and my tastes change like my pants {sometimes every day, sometimes every three weeks...}, but i get why it's valid to ask people that. it's a good way to discover new bands, it's easy to get to know people by way of their musical tastes, and it fills lulls in the conversation...

the first sound i heard out of the womb was a cassette of the mozart clarinet concerto, the first cd i ever bought was coolio's gangster's paradise, in junior high i went through really extreme ben folds and david bowie phases in between spending my weekends at orchestra rehearsal, and now i have a girl boner for contemporary opera but my boyfriend makes me listen to taylor swift every day. 

i love the really really written-five-minutes-ago-on-a-napkin new music that talks about blood and words i'm afraid to repeat, i also love old big music especially when a mahler box is involved. sometimes i listen to ani difranco and my karaoke jam is obv cyndi lauper but i wish i could memorize "we didn't start the fire" for a good party trick. 

anyways if you feel like it/want to discover new music/listen to the old/interact with me on a sonic level, subscribe to

the my name is yeh playlist {!!!!} 

i'll keep it updated with my current musical obsessions and you can listen along or not listen along at your leisure. this way i don't have to awkwardly stumble on my words when you ask me what i'm listening to these days.


p.s. the photos are from a really great impromptu breakfast this morning with stefani, who last month was in india and this morning was lost in my neighborhood. i was enticed out of bed when she delivered me nunu coffee and then we talked suburbs and central america over a veggie frittata.