this weekend

this weekend i did not shower at all and i did not put on makeup. it was a perfect few days for alpaca socks and brussels sprouts and morning bok choy. most of my time this weekend was spent in the kitchen making dumplings and scallion pancakes. but i also got out a bit, mainly to find myself at the heaven-on-earth that is kalustyan's where i bought matcha green tea powder and hickory smoke powder and the kind of sugar you need for liège waffles. smokey pearl sugar cupcakes anyone?? this weekend eggboy sang the beatles to me in my newly made over room, and i purchased the most perfect little tea party tray from ikea. {oh yeah, we had a friday date to ikea!} this weekend i got into the valentine's day spirit, i brewed eggboy his first cup of coffee in a very long time, i discussed gangnam style over the internet radio, and roommate patrick had really wonderful pit stains.

{this weekend was, i'd say, quite perfect.}