this week i believe...

*that turkey bacon can and should be bought in bulk.
*that les noces grooves SO HARD. hard enough for capital letters.
*that free nights at home are for making pretty things with rubber stamps.
*that oatmeal with a scoop of jif accompanied by homemade potato chips with curry ketchup can be dinner. and a frozen cupcake can be dessert.
*that eggboy is pent up in his studio writing the hit song of the new-ish millennium.
*that wooden plates, bowls, and other kitchenware are my favorite.
*that speculoos on a chinese steamed bun is an asian fusion meal.
*that chocolate o’clock can happen two times in a day, but shouldn’t happen past four, lest it keep me from sleeping well.
*that unsubscribing from every coupon email list will give me a more dignified inbox.


{photos are from a post-rucola stroll with meg.}