recipe: semi-homemade gluten-free fennel flatbread

semi-homemade gluten-free fennel flatbread.

with the exception of "flatbread" those are all words i never ever thought i'd really say. but then i met a fennel at the grocery store and eggboy decided to really really be no-exceptions gluten-free. so here i am, coming down off of the vibe-off that mr. fennel and i had every time i opened the fridge since i took him home, freakishly googling what the f to do with the rest of him and covered in bob's red mill gluten-free pizza crust mix. it happens, apparently.

you could say i was inspired by the fennel-y finocchio flower power pizza from krescendo that changed my life in extraordinary ways. martha stewart also gets credit for having this snazzy list of shit to do with fennel, which includes the idea to caramelize it. which i love doing. caramelizing might be one of my favorite hobbies, it makes the house smell so pretty and you get a slap on the wrist if you try to rush through it. 
anywho. i really don't know why i titled this post "recipe" because this isn't a recipe. it's more of a list of things to top your pizza dough with. here it is:

olive oil
sea salt
one onion + one fennel bulb, caramelized in harmony
italian sausage
black pepper

for the record, i feel naughty about semi-homemaking something.