new year's resolutions!

in 2013, i resolve to...

not go on the internet so much. and spend time with my new hello kitty rice maker. and by that i mean i should focus on more rewarding things than retweets and friend requests, such as novels about circuses and chatting with my neighbors on my nonexistent stoop and learning how to use farro.

eat more vegetables. a very wise eggboy once had me entertain the idea of increasing my vegetable intake to one half of everything i eat. for one week i did that and it was the greatest most skinny jean-iest week of the year, and not in a deprived/i-need-cheese sort of way. so this year i would like to strengthen my relationship with the zucchini, the fennel, the carrot, you know, the colorful things from the ground. 

make a garden on my roof, invite chickens. shhhh, don't tell my landlord...

be a reliable human friend. in case one of my friends accidentally goes to jail or gets dumped or feeds his/her significant other undercooked poultry. i'd like to be there with a layer cake, you know?