little goat diner

a booth to nestle my bum after an hour waiting at bread,

a wait spent nursing a goat milk latte topped with goat caramel and other goat-y things {good if you like that sort of thing, heavy if black coffee is your jam},

noshes of an apricot masala scone, bloody mary bread, and fresh goat-y bagels.

ane brun on the radio, cute aprons, natural light i could ingest for hours.

a thick scallion pancake topped with pork belly and oodles of veggies in ginger maple dressing {a dish i'll try to recreate soon and a dish that left me no choice but to overstuff my belly and dream about it for days to come},

the banh mi that didn't, conversation that did, a millenium park post-meal ice skating romp, and  another day in chicago nailed like a nail gun going into a cardboard box. whatever that means.

little goat diner was fun. if you have talented conversationalists to muscle out the wait with and/or can pounce on some bar stools in the little goat bread shop next door during that wait, i'd recommend it.