i once was lost but now i am found.

a dozen smiley, colorful, loving little eggs from song away farm were gifted to me last monday by a new coworker friend. all week long they have been my adorable baby muses, receiving the fabergé treatment complete with a perfect morning photo shoot on a just-cloudy-enough day.

i first cracked into a medium-boiled greenish blue beauty and then lost myself all dreamy like in the nutty, sweet flavor. no salt or tabasco necessary.

then i made a scramble a là-ish jean georges in that delightful dog slobber way and topped it with just a bit of charcoal salt for some fun color. 

a shakshuka dinner and a cobb salad later, i am down to but two little song away eggs. i may slow poach one, i may preserve one, i may just marry one and get it over with.

i love these little guys!