brunch with the boys

over the weekend, brian and cutlet came for one of those long, lazy, highly caffeinated brunches that i crave each and every day of the week. it was so nice to see brian, who had come in from out of town for the week. and also of course it's always a treat with cutlet, who had come allll the way from queens. the morning reminded me of sunday mornings during the college years when we'd sit around the practice room sign out sheets, comparing notes on hangovers. only this time we were basking in the sun and marginally more sophisticated.

the menu:

veggie quiche with sweet potato hash brown crust*
maple syrup with a side of bacon
black coffee x a bazillion septrillion

*to make the crust, shred 1 1/2-2 sweet potatoes, mix with about 3 tablespoons of melted butter, an egg, and salt and pepper to taste. firmly pack the mixture on the bottom and around the edges of a cake pan and bake at 450 until it sets (15-20 minutes). substitute this for the crust in your favorite quiche recipe!