a recipe round-up.

{and a little window round-up, too.}
this week saw its fair share of atrociously embarrassing meals {cheeze-its in bed. frozen cocktail quiche. straight up spoonfuls of speculoos. things that if mum knew about them as they were happening, she'd probably fedex me a braised something asap.} but there were also some meals that made me so much closer to the martha stewart/my mom-type that i hope to one day be. they were so yummy and perfect for this cold weather. so while i didn't write any recipes to post this week, here are some that i recently tried and loved:

shakshuka: a super comforting israeli dish where you poach some eggs in a vegetable-y tomato sauce.
scallion pancakes: it's what's for lunch when you need to use up a gazillion scallions.
chicken and apples: it's what's for dinner when you buy chicken and apples at costco and get scared that you won't be able to use them all.

and here are some recipes that i hope to make soon:

pastrami hummus: i mean...
sauteed purple kale and charred shallots with a fried egg: i'll make almost anything that calls for an egg on top.
moroccan chicken and lentils: eggboy bought a ten pound bag of lentils. help.

happy friday!!

photos, top to bottom:
flowers in the kitchen,
gretchen in her new corner,
the window in the bathroom.