rainbow cookies.

{a supposedly fun thing i'll never do again.}
making these cookies was like going to juilliard: it was really very fun and enjoyable, but tell me i'll have to do it again and i'll run upstairs to my room, hold my stuffed penguin, assume the fetal position, and breathe real fast/cry/shake my head real fast and repeat "no" a million times. i mean, i should have known: eight sticks of butter? a dozen eggs? $30 worth of almond paste? what the hell?!

and had my friend, the viennesoire man from the bakery down the street, not been here helping me, how ever would i have acquired a bowl large enough to hold all of that* or had the emotional strength to do that flippy thing with the pans to get all of the layers on top of one another?

*in fact, using the bath tub wouldn't have been out of the question.

as yummy as the outcome was, it was the most stressful cookie i ever did make. i should have known better, i should have done more research, but there's something unkosher about seeing a recipe for one of your top four favorite cookies and not trying it out. 

oh well. 

you live and you learn not to trust the recipe with the eight sticks of butter. 
and you get a little fat in the process, but you also make new friends in that new band you're playing glockenspiel with.


p.s. if, for some sick reason, you're still wanting to make these, this version is nicely divided into a half batch of the version that i made. i'd highly recommend this.