meet gretchen.

last weekend i adopted the most beautiful little piano and named her gretchen. seven pounds, a million ounces, she's a honey among dijons, the light of my aural life. but molly, you don't even play the piano and you nearly failed piano class. i know, i know, she's not for me. {well sometimes she is, like last night when the internet went out and my evening turned into a hashing through of bach fugues and beatles tunes.} gretchen is here mostly because one big part of my fantasy world involves days spent cooking in my sunny kitchen while eggboy or any of my other friends practice or write songs or rehearse in my living room. and also so that after a long delicious dinner my guests and i can sit with a glass of laphroaig and do a tipsy sing-along of mozart and cee lo green.  gretchen better primp herself because she's going to be leading an active social life here in brooklyn. *cue the stage mom tendencies.*