there are way too many leftover menorah candles in my heroes of the torah cup for any good hanukkah-practicing half-jewish brisket-eating human to not be embarrassed about.

my diet consists of cheese, bread, and anything with colorful jimmies. like the sprinkle cookies i made yesterday, like the milk bar cake balls that rob delivered me.

the morning lends no time for a percolator: but why do you need one when you can just dump a cup or so of instant grounds into lukewarm water and be bouncy for 20 entire hours?

the floor of my room cannot be seen under the layers of clothing that are scattered {artfully} across it. 

exercise is acquired by running to the timpani, and then to the xylophone, and then back again. squats to play the darbuka, curls for the tambourine.

there are two songs that saturate my head on repeat: aaron roche's "trash," and san fermin's "methuselah."

it may be time for me to fly home.