for you, those happy little moments

one might happen the second you wake up and realize you can go back to sleep,
or in the instant before you bite into a croque monsieur or a marzipan truffle. 
you might experience one as you're painting your nails sparkly gold or watching football on a snowy afternoon or when three of your internet friends retweet you.
maybe all it will take is a smile or a dumpling or a pretty colored door,
maybe it won't happen until after something sad has passed.
it might happen when you're chopping vegetables and accidentally drop an onion on the floor and realize that you must pick it up immediately otherwise your doggies might eat it. {because that means you're at home, cooking with mum!}

whatever your happy little moments may be {even if they involve bananas or political conversations}, i wish you extra ones this holiday!!

happy holidays, everyone!!!

i'll soon be headed home to chicago. see you after a little break of dumpling parties and gingerbread house-making!

love and bagels,


the above photos were taken in my neighborhood and they're part of a little post i did for brooklyn exposed. check out more of them here.