the shameless life

do you guys remember in high school when it was semi-normal to kick off the weekend with a domino's pizza and breadsticks, and then not shower for three days and spend like 12 entire hours in front of your computer doing homework and talking about clothes on the a.i.m. while you drink out of the orange juice carton and listen to ben folds five? 

and then on sunday night you do everything in your power to hold on to every last single solitary second of the weekend?

yes, yes. that was this weekend. just about. substitute the a.i.m. for the twitter, the ben folds for the gabriel, the homework for the article on how to make jewy thanksgiving stuffing. 

add one night of successfully purchasing boardwalk and park place without going bankrupt, sipping marzipan hot cocoa that has been invaded by nougat, and listening to edith piaf on the radio, in front of the fake fireplace that used to belong to joe

top it off with 1 1/2 bratwursts and an assignment to watch all of the star wars movies. {i haven't even seen one full star wars movie. am i still your friend?}

happy monday, everyone!