shameless loves, by veronica

things that veronica loves
{but really probably shouldn't}

taking a nap during the day even though i've done nothing to make me tired.
saying i'm doing homework when actually i'm looking at pictures of food and growing angry that i do not have said food.
sitting quietly in a car until some rap song comes on and i'm singing along and cursing the loudest.
thinking about playing the drums and learning spanish and french and arabic but just rolling over and watching tron for the 26th time instead.
wearing the same pair of jeans every day because i paid $60 for them. you better believe i'm going to wear the hell out of them.
the blue line. everyone complains about the cta but i love, love, love it.
starting a book only to pick up another book to leave that book for another book...and coming back to the original book a year later
workaholics. all day, every day.
no diggity radio on pandora. seriously. the best ever.

thank you, veronica!
and a very happy no shame november to you!