shameless loves, by emily

things that emily loves
{but really probably shouldn't}

mom jeans. i say down with ultra-low-rise nonsense! some of us have freakishly high waists.
giving myself a full manicure with the sephora nail polish testers. top coat included.
grocery list: dark chocolate, "fancy muesli," gin. balance.
using my magazine job to haul in as much beauty swag as i can for "testing."
not stopping an underwear dance session when my neighbor looked through the window.
having crushes on at least a dozen celebrity ladies. beyonce, florence, alison brie (oh my!)
starbucks red cups. one sight of those babies and it's peppermint-mocha christmas mania.
batting my eyelashes to procure favors. 
extra pickles. no i mean like, extra extra pickles. yes, that's more like it. 
overusing commas.
reading three books at once.
using my roommate's maple syrup. girl totally stole my almond butter. 

thank you, emily!
and a very happy no shame november to you!!