shameless loves, by christina

things that christina loves
{but really probably shouldn't}

going into sephora just to douse myself in the perfume that i already own that is at home but i don't feel like "wasting"
liking any and all clever facebook statuses, even if it's a person that i haven't talked to since 3rd grade
eating at least thirty almonds in one sitting (how can you eat just one?)
wearing a blanket around my waist as if it's a skirt because i refuse to turn up the heat in my apartment
hating on the gossip girl
following gossip girl from the very beginning to the very end
listening to christmas music 24/7 post-thanksgiving
sending the smiling poop emoji to everyone i know since i got a phone with emoji
putting cheese on anything and everything

thank you, christina!
and a very happy no shame november to you!!