shameless loves, by alexis

things that alexis loves
{but really probably shouldn't}

wearing my sunglasses as a headband.
ordering a pitcher of sangria and saying, "i'll only need one glass." economical, right?
using my practice room as a personal dance space, probably while dancing to "call me, maybe." 
pretending to be a concert pianist when i type on the computer.
pretending that my car has star power! when i merge onto the highway. also, i like to yell "star power!" when this happens.
asking for my cat's opinion when i get dressed in the morning. he's sassy without apology.
taking the elevator from 1-5 and then down to 2 so i don't get the judgmental stares that accompany taking the elevator one floor.
pretending to order food for two people when, honestly, it's all for me.
and always, always, always drinking my hot chocolate with chambourd and a can of reddi-whip next to me.

thank you, alexis!
and a very happy no shame november to you!!