secret pie

eggboy doesn't know it yet, but as soon as i post this, i'm gifting him this pumpkin pie that i baked in secret last night.

i've never really made a pie before. i've watched mum do it, i've watched stoop do it, i think i've watched the television do it, but i've never embarked on the magical pie journey that people make a big deal about. and when eggboy told me he'd be spending thanksgiving in the city and not in a kitchen making pie all day, i got real confused and nervous that he wouldn't have a homemade pie. so i made one.

and look how ugly it is!

i obviously need to work on this. {i used this crust and this filling, which were both tasty raw at least. it's my clumsy dough-shaping skills that caused the most trouble.}

but it gets ugly in your tummy anyways, so here, eggboy, here's your pie!

i am off to florida for the holiday...
happy thanksgiving!!!
enjoy your stuffings and families!!!