no shame november!!!!!!!!

it's back! it's back! my favorite month of the year, the month when we don't have to be sheepish about all of the embarrassing things that we love:

no shame november! 

so put on your gauchos, crank up the britney.... unite, eaters of spray can cheese!! you know the drill, folks. got a list of things that you just can't get enough of but have been afraid to admit? now's the time to do it! so fess up and do it shamelessly {perhaps with a side of margarine.} everyone's doing it. i think? 

here's my list... 

shameless loves [edition 2012]

eating my roommate's yogurt cheese
staring at celebrities
high-waisted everything
emoticoning the shit out of everything, even though someone told me that if you use emoticons in a text message it means that you want to have sex
thinking about the future of my hair
my percolator that has needed a bath since august
bacon, ramps, pork belly, you know, foods that are so 2009 
calling things "so 2009"
when people retweet me!!!!!!!!
dark chocolate and the friends that it buys me
voicing confusion
these things { } instead of these things ( )

send in your shameless loves list to and i'll post it! {as long as it doesn't go past the "mildly inappropriate" mark.} 

happy no shame november, everyone!