two stoops in a hurricane

stoop is obviously trapped here for an indefinite amount of time.

so in true stoop fashion we've thrown a curry party, a pumpkin/speculoos cookie party, a frittata party, and are now planning a dumpling party. everyone was invited but no one can get here, so it's just us, our respective plaid-wearing boyz, and roommate megan who is also wearing plaid. more dumplings for us, this militia household is not going to starve.

prior to the world ending though, we had such a lovely romp around the neighborhood! pretzel dumplings at talde, bougey greek yogurt at culture, bacon + maple syrup + smoked mozzarella + pecan pizza at brooklyn central. and the future mr. stoop got a black eye! what a man.

ok stoop's phyllo lesson is about to start.