mum's visit, in food.

pig, three ways: after bacon-y polenta and pancetta bruschetta at al di la brunch {which i really can't get over}, we met a pig on a leash. i didn't even know that was legal, i said, ummm actually it's really common, said the pig mom all attitude like, oh ok well i just ate pig and i intend to eat more tomorrow and the next day and the next, imaginary me said.
rugelach: but obviously not better than mum's.
kind of like the best brunch i ever had: at miriam, and with schnitzel. that would have been enough, but challah french toast, shakshouka, and civilized political conversation added a little somethin somethin that defied my sometimes impression of brunch as being just a fun hangover activity. 
afternoon coffee + cake: olive oil cake and a caramel-y mini bundt from one girl. with a side of, please can you fill me in on my sister's wedding plans?
morningtime punkin bread, two ways: dog days closing pumpkin bread and thank-you-for-driving-me-to-rehearsal-through-all-that-new-jersey-traffic pumpkin bread. [fact: early morning baking with mum is the best beyond bestest best thing in the brooklyn.]