recipe: the perfect pizza night


one fresh ricotta + caramelized onion + squash pizza {recipe below, kind of}
unlimited amounts of this: one part elderflower syrup + two parts roommate patrick's gin {sorry patrick, i owe you} + one green straw
the new stars album
late night giggles/everlasting secrets


1. bike over the brooklyn bridge, ad lib emergency peanut butter m & m breaks. 
2. dice up more squash than you think you need, toss it in olive oil + salt + sage, stick it in an oven set to a million degrees and forget about it until further notice.
3. chop up two onions from roommate megan's brother's farm, stick em on the stove to caramelize. pour an elderflower cocktail.
4. make the ricotta: heat a gallon of whole milk {plus heavy cream for bonus points} to 180 degrees, add the juice of two lemons. strain in a cheese cloth. add salt/pepper/herbs/olive oil to taste.
5. discuss something ironic or obscure, try not to wake roommate megan.
6. perhaps by now the squash is done roasting. if yes, skip to step #8; if no, go on to #7.
7. pour another drink, discuss what you would do if you won the lottery, leave the room for 60 seconds and then return so that you can fully enjoy the smells coming out of the kitchen.
8. assemble pizza in this order, from bottom to top: dough -> olive oil -> salt & pepper -> lots of garlic -> onions -> ricotta -> parmesan -> squash
9. bake at 450 degrees for the amount of time that it takes to plan the ultimate theoretical birthday dinner party {approximately 14 minutes}.
10. demolish.