for you, wherever you are.

i hate that you were taken from us in the middle of the night, so helpless and from your own home. 
i hate whoever did this, whoever got their smelly paws all over you, who yanked you from your spot in the world.
{i want to punch that person in the nose and go all glenbrook north 2003 on them.}
you're probably under some big smelly bum right now, maybe you're on a fixie :-(
but with all of my might, i will hope that you're in bike seat heaven on a pretty mustard trek allant or a cannondale supersix. perhaps you're under a bum that has just done pilates or is genetically engineered not to fart.
oh poor molly mobile bike seat, you were so good to me and i love you and i'll miss you forever and ever.

this one's for you, molly mobile seat:
 "we get away" by nfh