nicholas ford hagen & robert leonardo knopper

until further notice: "nick & nop" 
for the past four days one song has played on repeat in my head and for the first time since my lovefest with "the trapeze swinger," i don't mind. i sing it in the shower and while i'm riding my bike down the river... and on the subway and while i'm fixing dinner.
it is nicholas ford hagen's "the one is you." 
it wouldn't be a far stretch to say that i'd get married just so this could accompany my first dance. {alas, marrying apartments is illegal still.}
and if that's not enough, rob recently joined nick as his cajón accompanist. they made their debut last weekend at a bike shop that is also a brewery and i'd say it marked a yummy start. so yummy that i couldn't help having them over for some goat cheese and a rooftop photo shoot. 
so go have a listen because they're wonderful and one day they will be famouser.