this thing i have for eggs.

{1} what to do when you don't have egg cups but you do have a big loaf of bread.
{2} barcomi's, berlin
{3} on a croquette, pelham arms, lewes, sussex, england, something about the queen
{4} on blood cake, st. john bread & wine, london
{5} amsterdam hotel breakfast {the only thing that trumps airplane breakfast}

hi. hi! i am back, back from the absurd adventure of a lifetime through fantasyland northern europe. my belly is full and i am groggy and jetlagged and all of that fun stuff except for i misplaced my retainers en route from amsterdam to new york. oops, whatever. i was going to make a grand entrance back into the internet with some pretty pictures of typical little canals and cake and countryside willages and such, but then all of these egg photos were staring back at me and i thought heavens, i took a lot of egg photos. and then i thought damn, eggs in europe are good. and now i'm realizing it's almost breakfast time in europe and i should probably go fix myself an egg.