berlin for brooklynites*

*this title is misleading in the following ways:
1. i am only officially a brooklynite as of yesterday {yay for my beautiful new dwelling!}
2. it is actually a guide to berlin for people from all of new york, not just brooklyn
3. i hate when people do i-know-more-than-you guides, so this is more of just my-favorite-berlin-places-that-reminded-me-of-places-back-home-or-didn't-remind-me-just-made-me-really-excited
but i couldn't resist the alliteration.
so without further ado, if you're planning a trip to berlin or are in berlin, here are my two cents {but with the exchange rate, it's probably worth less than that}:
if you practice sunday bagels then go to barcomi's deli {3} for bagels that are a bit denser and chewier than your typical new york bagel and homemade cream cheese that is a bit pub cheese-y.
if you frequent artists & fleas then you must experience the handmade supermarket {4} because they could essentially be extensions of one another. and you could find a beautiful whale drawing like me!
if you spend lotsa money on coffee at joe/grumpy/etc then find chapter one {1 & 8}
if you are expert in braving the crowds at roberta's in the name of good pizza then you will have no problem doing exactly the same at il casolare. it is right along a little river and the pizza is fantastic and doughy.
if you wait in that stupid chicken and rice line on 53rd or whatever then wait in line at mustafa's for kebab. 
if you agree that the 66th st. stand that has no line is just as good if not better then find keb'up {5} and try their döner, but also know that their falafel keeps me up at night.
if you go to mcsorley's on a sunday to dodge the tourists because you totally love the history and vibe then go to die henne and engage in beer and salty fried chicken yumminess.
if you want something you wouldn't find in new york then go to the oststrand {2} to chill in one of berlin's urban beaches. then come back and petition new york to build one with me.
if you <3 spoonbill & sugartown then you will also <3 do you read me? {7} where i discovered a ton of independent food magazines and some books that i immediately amazon-ed to see if they came in english.
if you love building things or doing crafts or just want to have your mind blown to bits then go to the modulor store to see every kind of felt, ribbon, glue... and everything else under one roof.
if you believe that prospect park > central park then go to volkspark friedrichshain because it's not touristy, and there are little creeks and cute things to explore.
if you bike everywhere then you must rent a bike for your entire time there for something like $50 for the week. it is the best most possible thing ever.