learning music.

learning new music is such a struggle for me. i'm slow, i get distracted, my brain goes all googly moogly...it's one of those things that i have to brute force and get over in order to really enjoy playing music. if i could have two superpowers, one would be to have the entire repertoire implanted into my head so that all i have to do is whip out my sticks and go to town. {but if i could only have one superpower, it would be to have a bottomless stomach. that goes without saying?}

anyways, learning lots of notes is what i've been doing for the past week and what i will do for the next few weeks. everything else is just what happens when i'm on a practice break. the onion pie snacktimes, the foam roller romps, photoshop lessons... all in between sessions of forcibly stuffing my brain with f-sharp runs and weird chords.

it'll pay off, molly. says future self who is eating post-performance reception cheese.