bruschetta, prematurely

are you pretentious or informed if you pronounce bruschetta broosketta?

i am shaking in my little space booties waiting for tomato season to get here. i can't wait. i can't i can't. tomatoes are the best and most of my best friends hate tomatoes so that means more for me! teehee. i associate being home and sitting by my pool with a tomato and mozzarella and basil sandwich. so even though the pool is not yet ready and the tomatoes are not yet ripe, my impatience got the best of me and i made broosketta. i tossed some baby tomatoes in a butt-ton of garlic, olive oil, salt, and herbies, roasted them, added basil from the garden, and then shoveled them into my mouth anxiously with the rosemary bread that mum had just baked. hopefully this will hold me over.